What Are Local SEO Services?

admin | January 7, 2016


Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO , is a marketing art that internet marketers use to market and increase a website’s visibility in search engines. The term search engine optimisation literally translates to optimising web content and mainly websites for search engine crawlers to catch and display the already optimised pages on the top pages.Best SEO Services Sydney is very important for internet marketers, as it determines where pages will be placed in these search engines when queried, and this converts to traffic. Traffic translates to revenue especially if you use an advertising program.


Nevertheless, although there are many SEO agencies that claim to optimise your website for higher ranks, you might want to check the techniques used to market your website, especially if you are the website owner. The reason why this should be something to look into is because there are two types of search engine optimisation;-

Black hat SEO
White hat SEO

Only white hat SEO is allowed by search engines. If you are found to use black hat SEO techniques on your website by Google, you could have the website removed from search engine databases, and this leads to no revenue conversion at all as the website will not continue to receive visitors.

Black hat search engine optimisation techniques
Black hat search engine optimisation technique is a way of deceiving search engines that the website is credible with some keywords and other services, while in real sense it is not. Examples of black hat SEO are:-

1. Keyword stuffing:
This form of a search engine optimisation technique gives that page higher ranks as compared to other website with the same keyword, since the keyword is overstuffed and hidden only to be seem by search engines. Google and other major search engines have devised a way to track down websites that use these practises, as they make the web platform devoid of its initial concept; provide answers to online queries.

2. Use of imperceptible text:
This SEO technique involves the use keywords in webpages, then hiding them from people and web researchers to see. This text is mainly overstuffed for search engine spiders and crawlers to see thus display the page on top of the pages. Although this gives the webpage high ranks within a very short period of time, it is short lived as most of them can be identified by the providers, and this leads to penalisation, which could lead to banning of the website.
3. Fake links:
These links are also known as redirected pages, where the SEO person uses links from other websites to link to his or her website, although it is too light for any user to see. The main work of these links to cheat the search engines that the user actually intended to visit the page, but later navigated to another page. This technique and practise is only identifiable by Search engine crawlers.

White hat search engine optimisation techniques

White hat search engine optimisation is the only ethical way in which search engines allow website owners to use when marketing their pages. Unlike the black hat search engine optimisation techniques that are short lived, white hat SEO techniques are long lived, and give an assurance of a lasting result in the end. However, extensive search engine optimisation is required for the pages to start gaining ranks. This is a gradual process, although with the right techniques and knowledge, the results are well paying in the end. Here are a few of Search engine optimisation techniques as allowed by Google and other major search engines.

Ethical search engine optimisation tips and techniques

1. Unique content:
This is the heart of on page optimisation. For Google or Bing to allow your website to go live on the internet and web platform, they then have to make sure all the content you have posted in the website is unique. This means no copying of content from other websites is allowed, and you are required to come up with your own content from scratch. There are many advantages of using and coming up with unique content in your website. First, there will be no legal implications on you, and second, you will gain some ranks in search engines for using the same.

2. Keyword based content distribution:

This involves a keyword research on the goods or services that your website offers, then using the same to create unique content for website marketing. Once these keywords are established, then qualified and experienced writers are involved to write articles, which are later posted and published in article directories, and their links linked back to your website. This makes it possible to create ethical spiders to and from your website, leading to more traffic, and thus higher page ranks. In posting these articles, an SEO provider can choose to use both paid and free directories for the website’s relevance. This method also helps acquire high quality links for your website too.

3. Web hosting types:

the type of a web hosting or the hosting service can determine what ranks you will receive in search engines. This is mainly factored and catapulted by bandwidth, and the speeds of the same. For the website to gain higher ranks in these search engines, then users are advised to use high quality, dedicated and fast servers to host their websites. The advantage of using fast servers with unlimited bandwidth is that, all your target audience will be able to access the website whenever they like, and at credible speeds. Slower servers tend to drive people away from the pages, as it takes longer than expected to load pages. Traffic is also determined by the uptime these servers will be willing to give to you.

4. Social media marketing:
Social media marketing is the art of using the social media to advertise a website and services or products that it has to offer. There are many reasons why this method is effecting in search engine optimisation. The first reason is that, many people use this media to communicate and chat with their buddies, making it good a marketplace to advertise what you have. This means that, one has to create a page with either of the social sites, be it Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn among others. The more users you can get like, comment or follow your pages create an avenue to advertise your services to the rest of the work. It is the most effective form of search engine optimisation out there, and approved by search engines.

These are some of the most effective search engine optimisation techniques in use today, though more ways crop up every day. SEO is very effective on search engines for traffic and ranks, which makes it almost mandatory for any page to convert into sales.

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