Social Media Marketing

Social media websites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are probably the most popular websites on the web with a truly global reach.As such, these social media platforms have evolved to be a powerful tool for online marketing. Thanks to the sharing functionalities offered by these sites, an effective Social Media Marketing campaign help you to raise awareness about the products among your potential customers. In other words, they help you to spread the word! Therefore, if you want to utilise the full potential of the internet then social media is one of the fields you wouldn’t want to ignore. Dope SEO is one of the leading names in the field of social media marketing offering high performance solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes which helps them to raise awareness about their product and services by tapping into the vast potential of the popular social media platforms.

Creating a personal line of communication with the customer often proves to be an effective way to build relationships with your potential market. A strong relationship with your present and prospective customers goes a long way in increasing the revenue levels of your business. A social media marketing campaign helps you to build such strong relationships. It lets you to tap into the enormous power of social networking sites to put your message across a truly global audience. Social media campaigns help you to get closer to your customers, irrespective of the physical distance between you. At Dope SEO, we develop a robust SEO strategy that helps you to identify, locate and reach your customers more efficiently and inform them about the products and services that you offer and increase customer interest and thereby increase the revenue levels of your business.

The Online Marketplace

Ever since the rise of smartphones and tablets, the online marketplace has been through a paradigm shift in recent times. These devices has helped people to access the internet from anywhere, anytime. A majority of mobile web users use the internet to access social media applications as compared to web surfing which is the scope of traditional advertising.

This so called small screen revolution would change the way online marketing is done. In fact, it is changing it right now! This change has made it essential for every business, large and small to have social media strategy in place. Dope SEO is one of the leading companies who help businesses like yours to develop a robust Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy that would help you make the most of this ‘mobile’ revolution.

We specialise in a developing a tailor made Social Media Marketing Strategy that are flexible enough to suit the individual needs and requirements of your business. We would create special fan pages on different social media platforms so to raise awareness about your product and services on cyberspace and generate customer interest as well as brand loyalty. We would add buttons like ‘Like’ and ‘+1’ on your website so that people could share the pages they like. We would also add blog pages on your website and seamlessly integrate it with your social media presence so that it becomes easier for you to share the news and the latest updates, promotions and offers with your prospective customers. We would closely observe the social media campaign to determine whether they are making the desired impact and would tweak the strategy to ensure it does make the desired impact. We also help you to create email marketing campaigns which only aid in in reaching out to your customers.

Adaptive Strategy

The evolution of social media has created a massive impact on the field of online marketing. An effective Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy turns out to be more economically feasible than Pay per Click Advertising and Organic SEO Sydney. It allows you to showcase your business, its products and services on some of the most popular sites on the web. This puts your business in front of a truly global audience. Dope SEO is one of the few online marketing companies who possess a superior level of skill when it comes to social media marketing. We are a full service social media marketing company offering a wide range of services that help you make the most of this powerful new tool for online promotion.

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